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Valve industry leader - Xiamen Shuangte Valve

 As we all know China has excess capacity, but not unique to China, any growth is limited, the growth of the individual touches to the limit, the excess would have originally used for growing energy consumed to maintain their own will not collapse. Industry associations led research to develop the overall program to resolve the overcapacity, the focus will be resolved steel, shipbuilding and valves industry overcapacity problem, which marks "to the capacity" of the curtain. Learn from the experiences of developed countries such as the U.S. and Japan, Chinese-style governance overcapacity will be a major issue challenging. Recently, this reporter visited the largest valve plant in Xiamen Shuangte Valve Factory, with the responsible person for the development of the industry on the total Zheng discussed.

Reporter: Zheng Total Hello! Can briefly explain your business?
Zheng total: Hello. Xiamen Shuangte Valve Factory Co. Ltd. major professional production of various types of steel or stainless steel valves, valve manufacturer with 20 years of experience, access to national invention patents, 17 international patents, hosted and participated in the preparation of national standards 31. The company now has a production qualification: Det Norske Veritas (DNV), ISO 9001-2008 quality system certification, the American Petroleum Institute API6D certified API607 fire test certification, EU CE / PED certification, domestic special equipment TS license. Products are mainly exported to USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Singapore and other countries and regions, but also in the oil and petrochemical sentinel members.
Reporter: wow, so many qualifications, ah, indeed the manufacturers. We all know that China's manufacturing industry is facing a transition, and that traditional industries such as valves how to adapt to this change?
Zheng Total: Your very good question. Domestic overcapacity problems existed for a long time, coupled with the pressures of the Internet age, the valve industry is constantly renewing itself. Xiamen Special double valve will mainly positive change from several directions in order to adapt to the rhythm of a new era. Special quality double valve plant in the country in the lead, but still positive and foreign cooperation, like the German, Japanese companies have our partners, we continue to claim their quality is getting better, finally surpass foreign companies. This is our special double vision. In addition, we actively and large domestic enterprises, the most important is that we embarked on the road of Internet collaboration. We open up foreign trade routes, leather Ding Technology is our partner, using the Internet in contact with foreign countries, the overseas transfer of excess capacity.
Reporter: ah, that several programs are very good way, then you think that the traditional manufacturing industries hardest Where? 
     Zheng Total: Personally, I think the hardest part is in terms of consciousness. Many manufacturers are unwilling to accept new things, do not want to continue to exceed their quality, it will slowly become obsolete, only the courage to break the previous channel and awareness, keeping with the times, the Chinese make up the impression of change, to be able win the competition. 
     Reporter: ah, Zheng always say well, especially in the Xiamen Zheng total dual leadership will develop better. 
     Zheng total: too kind, Xiamen Shuangte goal is to make China the world's production to be recognized, and this is our business all the people wish.
From this communication and exchange with Zheng total, we hope to see the Chinese manufacturing, also saw double-valve special valve factory responsible for the entire industry leaders wish Xiamen Shuangte Valve Factory and China increasingly better.