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Valve future trends

 Valve market trends, according to analysts, the main trend in the coming period as follows :

    1 cast steel valve products market trends with the transfer of oil development to the mainland and offshore oil fields , as well as the power industry by the thermal power 300,000 kilowatts to 300,000 kilowatts less than thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development , valves should also be based on equipment changes in applications and corresponding changes in its performance parameters .
    2 Urban systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valve, and to the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving , low iron gate that is used in the past by a gradual shift of environment-friendly plastic sheet valve , balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and middle sealing butterfly transition. Oil and gas pipeline projects to develop in the direction , which in turn requires a lot of flat gate valve and ball valve.
    3 is the other side of saving energy development , so in terms of energy conservation perspective, to develop the steam trap to the subcritical and supercritical high parameters development.
    4 Power plant construction to large-scale development , so the need to use large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve , and also used as a rapid opening and closing valves.
    5 needed to complete the project , the supply valve developed by a single species to multi-species and multi- specifications. The project required a valve , all provided by a valve manufacturer trend is growing.