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The advantages of the gate valve


1, the flow resistance is small. Body internal media channel is straight, medium flows in a straight line, small flow resistance. 
2, more effort when opening and closing. In contrast with the shut-off valve, because either open or closed, the direction of movement of the gate are perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium. 
3, the height, long opening and closing time. Gate opening and closing stroke larger drop is carried by the screw. 
4, water hammer phenomenon difficult to produce. The reason is that long-off time. 
5, the medium can flow in any direction to both sides, easy to install. Is symmetrical on both sides of the valve. 
6, the structure length (the distance between two lines between the connecting end of the housing) is small. 
7, simple shape, structure, length short, good manufacturing processes for a wide range. 
8, compact, rigid valve channel flow, flow resistance small number of sealing surfaces made ​​of stainless steel and tungsten carbide, long service life, the use of PTFE packing, sealing, reliable, light and flexible.