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Pneumatic ball valve features

Pneumatic ball valve is ball valve with pneumatic actuator. Pneumatic actuators to perform relatively fast speed, the fastest switching speed/time, 0.05 seconds so usually also called pneumatic quick to cut off the ball. Pneumatic ball valves are usually with various accessories, such as solenoid valve, air source treatment sanlian pieces, limit switch, locator, control box, etc., in order to realize the local control and remote centralized control, in the control room can control the switch of the valve, do not need to run to the field or high altitude and dangerous manual control, to a great extent, save the human resources and time and safety.

Pneumatic ball valve and ball valve has a O V type ball valve. O-type ball valve structure of floating type, ball core for precision casting, hard chromium plating processing, appearance with enhanced ptfe seat material, flow crossing the same as the pipe diameter, flow capacity, little flow resistance, closing without leakage, generally do switch valve is used, especially suitable for high viscosity, v-shaped ball valve fixed structure, ball core open v-shaped incision, which can realize shear fiber, granular media Process equipment under different choice of pneumatic or electric actuators, forming an and electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valve such as pneumatic ball valve must be regulated to achieve proportional valve positioner, such as the electric ball valve to be regulated to achieve proportional election electronic actuators or servo amplifier, etc.
Pneumatic ball valve is widely used in natural gas, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power, mining, printing, dyeing, biological pharmacy, daily chemical, food and beverage, water treatment and air treatment and other industries fluid control or adjust the control, and automatic pneumatic instrumentation systems, from the material can be divided into: carbon steel ball valve, 304 stainless steel ball valve, 316 copper ball valve and ball valve. According to the pressure, can be divided into: high pressure ball valve and low pressure ball valve. High pressure pneumatic ball valve: mainly used in oil, gas, hydraulic oil, engineering machinery and other industries. Low pressure pneumatic ball valve: mainly used in corrosion medium such as water pipe on the road!