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 Xiamen Shuangte Valve Factory Co. Ltd. is a dual professional design, manufacturing, sales of the valve manufacturer. The company through special equipment manufacturing license TS mark and ISO9001 (CQC) quality system certification. Is China Industrial Gases Industry Association, China Petrochemical material resources of the market, China National Petroleum Corporation a supply network, the State Power Corporation power plant parts supply network members, the Ministry of Construction Construction Products, China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch members.

The Company's main products are regulating valves, metallurgy valves, oxygen valves, high pressure valves, environmental protection equipment valves, universal valves; among common valve series are: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and so on. According to user needs were used pneumatic, electric, manual, gas-liquid interaction, such as hand-drive mode. Respectively, carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high-alloy steel and other materials. Also the system for a variety of special valves. In addition to national standards and standard industry standards. American also uses advanced international standards API, ASME, German DIN, British BS, JIS in Japan and so on. The valves are widely used in the manufacture of natural gas, chemicals, petroleum, coal, fertilizer, salt, soda, metallurgical, power plants, paper, military, aerospace, building water supply, fire protection, HVAC, water, sewage treatment, etc., and to focus on opening up the international market, sold overseas, praised by users and trust.
The company has advanced production equipment and excellent valve production management personnel; seek business development is the relentless pursuit of my company, the company adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and continue to learn advanced experience, the introduction of advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment, the establishment a high-quality modern team. Advanced machining equipment, with multiple digital boring, four meters in diameter vertical turning lathes, CNC lathes, machining sphere grinding machine tools. Thermal equipment, ion nitriding furnace, automatic spray powder plasma welding, induction hardening furnace, its own welding machine, comes off advanced computer automatically detects the magnetic tester, leak detectors, universal material testing machine equipment for the production of high-quality products to provide a guarantee.
"Perfect quality, technology and innovation" is Shuangte Valves eternal pursuit of goals, Shuangte Valves will be market demand-oriented, innovation and dedication to provide users with reliable quality products and perfect after-sale service.